February 19 is a great day in food history. Not because one hugely momentous thing happened, but because lots of little interesting things (translation: fun facts!) happened throughout the years. We have to give a big happy birthday hug to Coke's Cherry Coke who turns 22 today. Coke mixed with cherry flavored syrup (grenadine or maraschino) has been around for a lot longer, but Coca-Cola classic's canned version debuted on today's date in 1985. Jump back a few decades to 1913 when Cracker Jack began to put prizes in each box starting on February 19. Guess what cereal company was founded on today's date way back in 1906? If you guessed Kellogg's, congrats you were right! The company was started by Will Keith Kellogg and was originally called the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company. Three years earlier in 1903, Tsingtao, China's first brewery was opened by German settlers. Finally for one last little tidbit that has nothing to do with food (unless you happen to be a cannibal): the Donner Party was rescued on February 19, 1847 after being lost in the snow of the Sierra Nevada mountains.