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Will Ferrell Makes People Think of Peeps?!?

I read the weirdest press release last week. The folks over at Just Born (the folks responsible for Peeps, the Easter marshmallow tradition) announced the results to their annual Peeps Celebrity Survey. With a name like that, I assumed they surveyed celebrities, but no, that's not true at all. It's a survey about Peeps in relation to celebrities. For example, 22% of the people surveyed feel that Will Ferrell is the male person most resembling a Peep in "physique, colorful attire, or sweet nature/personality." To check out the rest of the results,

Okay, so the first few don't have much to do with "celebrity" and according to the press release, the survey is actually done as "an important way to keep up with today's trends and cultures."

  • 59% of the people surveyed think the chick is cooler than the bunny - personally I like the bunny. I munch the ears off first, which is even weirder to me because I don't even like the way they taste.
  • More people enjoy the Peeps fresh (as opposed to "aged").
  • When asked how people enjoyed their Peeps. The top three answers were: head first, in crafts/decor and micro-waved. Hrmm... micro-waved, really? I might have to try that (again, not sure why I need to, just feel compelled to).
  • After Will Ferrell, people felt that Johnny Depp, Jamie Foxx and Justin Timberlake all resembled a Peep.
  • When asked what "female public person or celebrity might Peeps become," the answers were Jessica Simpson, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.
  • The male person most in need of a Peep is President Bush (2nd year in a row), followed by Donald Trump and Simon Cowell. Something tells me that Simon might just bite the head off and spit it out...
  • The female person most in need of a Peep is dear ol' Britney (at 40%).

Now what I want to know is how many people actually took this survey and what was the age range.

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