If you're a foodie who's headed out on a honeymoon, you're probably more worried about booking restaurant reservations than you are about booking a massage. After all, we wouldn't want to travel to exotic locales and miss out on the culinary highlights, would we? Thankfully, finding and securing the right restaurant reservations on your honeymoon just takes some planning. Here are some tips to help you along, whether you're going on a postwedding vacation or just traveling any old time.

  • If fine dining is important to you, choose a destination known for its foodie appeal, such as New York, London, or Spain.
  • If a "must-eat" is on your list, book it as soon as you book your trip. Particularly if it's a destination restaurant, think about getting reservations months and months in advance. Remember to confirm your reservations before you leave.
  • If you don't have a place in mind, start researching the best restaurants after you've decided on your honeymoon destination. Special magazine issues, such as Food and Wine's The Go List, are great for finding ideas, as is the New York Times travel dining guide. The forums on Chowhound are also a helpful resource.

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  • Don't limit yourself to restaurants described as "romantic." Especially in touristy areas, you might be better off selecting a restaurant that's highly regarded for its food. A very fine-dining experience can be incredibly romantic without the cheesy trappings that can come with "romantic" dining.
  • Make sure the restaurant you've chosen will be open during your stay. Renovations, management changes, and holidays are some reasons why they might be closed.
  • Secure a few important reservations in advance, but leave a few nights open for restaurants you discover after arriving. Ask the concierge at your hotel for good local spots or, better yet, ask the employees who live nearby. Walk around the area where you are staying and see if anything catches your eye.
  • Also, don't be shy about telling the restaurant that you're on your honeymoon. They might be willing to pull out some special stops to help celebrate your special occasion.

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