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We've talked about a few different wedding cake trends, and maybe you already have the perfect cake in mind, but how do you go about finding it? What kind of questions should ask your baker? What do you do at a cake tasting? To help you out, I've talked to brides who've been there/done that as well as several of my favorite bakers who were able to tell me what to ask/look for.

First of all, when you begin your cake hunt, give yourself plenty of time (they say 4-6 months minimum) and visit as many vendors as you can. Some high-demand bakers charge for individual cake tastings, while others do them for free. Other bakers also do a large tasting for many potential clients at once, so check with your desired bakery to find out before hand. Ideally a free one-on-one consultation is the best, however if you know what you want, then book the appointments. To learn about the different types of tasting appointments,

There are two types of appointments, one is a pure tasting, where you can taste the cake and frosting combinations that the bakery offers. Right now, some of the hot flavors include bittersweet chocolate, meyer lemon, pistachio and vanilla bean or coconut in lieu of a traditional "white cake." It's a personal taste thing, so know what you like and don't get talked into something that you don't enjoy. However, be sure to try the flavors you're not used to, these folks have been tweaking their recipes to perfection, so even though it sounds different, it might be fantastic. Also, use this time to find out what kind of ingredients they use. If you had your heart set on organic (which is also a growing trend right now), see if they can make it happen. Finally, be sure to ask about whether or not you can get different flavors for the different tiers. Most couples can't agree on just one flavor, so it's a nice way to spread it out - besides just because you loved the lime/chocolate combination, doesn't mean Aunt Marge will.

The other kind of tasting is a sit-down consultation. It's always good to have a few ideas as a starting point (a simple google image search for wedding cakes is a great place to start), but be prepared to be blown away - most cake designers want to create something unique just for you. Which reminds me, you should also ask to see a portfolio and get references as well. Once you have those, be sure to call the references, the last thing you want is someone who makes a fantastic cake, but is impossible to deal with.

Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for more tips on how to find the perfect wedding cake (costs, baking times, delivery etc.)!

Cake by Edith Meyer.

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