Yesterday I gave you some tips about scoring restaurant reservations on your honeymoon, but how about planning an entirely food-centric getaway? Many galloping gourmets choose a destination city known for its dining — think Las Vegas, New York, and London — but you can also take it a step further and give your whole honeymoon a culinary flavor. Here are five honeymoon ideas for food-loving couples.

  1. Plan a getaway at a cooking school. Many of the world's top culinary academies offer vacations that combine cooking instruction with relaxation.
  2. Choose a resort with cooking classes. Just interested in a slight food focus? Some upscale resorts, such as the Four Seasons, offer one-off cooking courses that you can take during a stay.

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  1. Traverse a food and wine region. Rather than just picking a city with great restaurants, tour a region known for its gastronomical delights, such as California's Napa Valley, New York's Hudson Valley, Tuscany, or the Australian wine country.
  2. Buy a culinary travel package. If you don't want to plan your own tour, there are a number of companies, such as Culinaria and Artisans of Leisure that offer package tours designed with foodies in mind and focused specifically on the wine and food of different regions.
  3. Get away with a private chef. If a relaxing beach or wilderness vacation is more your thing, rent a private villa or house and hire a private chef to cook for you for a week.

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