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One of the most effective ways you can improve your overall health is to drink more water. A lack of water is considered to be the number one trigger of daytime fatigue, so instead of reaching for an afternoon coffee or soda, grab some refreshing water!

On that note, why not water your body with refreshing Crystal Light? In sweet and tangy harmony with 30 fruity and fabulous flavors, you can be assured that you'll never be thirsty — or bored!

Five Reasons to Stay Hydrated This SummerClick Here

1. To regulate body temperature: this is especially important in the warm Summer months.

2. To carry nutrients throughout the body, keeping you feeling healthy.

3. To improve digestion: drinking water before meals will help you shed those unwanted pounds this swimsuit season.

4. To cushion and protect organs: this helps to prevent dehydration.

5. To eliminate waste and toxins from the body, allowing you to feel fresh and active this Summer.

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