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Floral Centerpieces

In terms of style and sophistication, a beautiful floral centerpiece can take a wedding to the next level. This year the trends in floral arrangements have shifted from modern to more traditional. One color of one flower in a cascading and flowing grouping is breathtaking and very now. Flowers paired and accented with fruit are another popular way to create a centerpiece. Keep flowers clean and paired down as over baring fluff and frill doesn't look contemporary. In a large space, centerpieces add drama and a sense of intimacy and in a small space they add personality. Centerpieces set the tone and mood of a wedding or party with blooming yellow sunflowers creating a warm welcoming feeling at a winery wedding and billowing white roses adding elegance to a winter wonderland wedding. The most important thing you need to remember is to think outside the box and don't limit yourself. Get creative and use your imagination to achieve a look that represents you, your fiance, and the style of your wedding. For more fresh ideas on creating the best floral centerpieces,

  • Combine multiple elements (the aforementioned flower and fruit, flowers and branches, various kinds of fruit in the same color, etc.)
  • For a less expensive option, fill large vases with fruit and simply top with branches and flowers.
  • Fill long cylindrical vases with flowers and water, anchor the flowers with pebbles, and place a floating candle on top.
  • Incorporate pieces of nature into the centerpiece by using wheat, feathers, vegetables, herbs, moss, etc.
  • For lush, luxurious settings arrange only flower buds (like lilly buds) in vases with no stems.
  • Substitute vases with over sized martini, wine, or margarita glasses. Pitchers and watering cans work well at outdoor garden weddings. Mason jars add a rustic feel to a country wedding. Cube and angular vases are sleek for the cosmopolitan wedding.
  • Classic flowers cool down with unique greens.
  • In a space that has soaring ceilings, make the room feel less intimidating with tall, full arrangements.
  • Pick colors and shades that reflect the season of your wedding: whites and dark greens for winter, peaches and lavenders for spring, oranges and hot pinks for summer, and yellows and burnt reds for fall.
  • Place a display of flowers on a cake tier or small cupcake tins.
  • Single bloom bouquets look graceful in old fashioned containers.
  • Flowers look artistic when immersed in water. Put a small glass bowl inside a larger one and fill both with water. Gently press de-stemmed flowers into the space between the inner and outer bowls.
  • Flowers that look like packages and tied with ribbons add a festive mood to the table. As do topiary style arrangements.
  • Long tables with centerpieces in a row down the middle are a great way to make guests feel equally important.
  • What did the floral arrangements look like at your wedding or last party? Share with us below!

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