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Domino's Embraces Carbs, Offers Pasta in a Bread Bowl

It's only been one week since Domino's Pizza apologized for the unsanitary behavior of its employees, but the pizza delivery chain has already attempted to move on to bigger and better things.

In what would appear to be an Atkins diet nightmare, Domino's has begun offering five flavors of pasta — served inside an edible bowl of bread. For as little as $4.99, you can choose between Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese, Italian Sausage Marinara, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Carbonara, or Pasta Primavera flavors. If that's not quite enough, there's the option to build your own pasta bread bowl, choosing from a variety of toppings that include but aren't limited to Philly steak, salami, bacon, and tabasco sauce.

I must admit I'm shocked. Of all products to come out with, this pasta in a bread bowl creation would certainly not have come to mind first. Still, I can't wait to taste test these! What do you think of the concept? Do you think it'll help Domino's regain the faith of its customers?


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