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More Fascinating Fare From Fancy Foods

Jan 21 2011 - 4:36am

In addition to eating lots of cheese [1] and spotting a number of trends [2] at Fancy Foods [3], we also had plenty of other intriguing encounters. Here, a few high (and low) points, from questionable creations to culinary celebrities.

Haggis Chips

We finally tried those haggis chips [4] we'd be hearing about but found them to be underwhelming. They didn't really taste like a meat product. Instead, our palates were left with the memory of their (much more exciting) salt and vinegar-flavored chips.

Cheese Jerky

What is cheese jerky [5], might you ask? No, it's not cheese cured and dried in the style of beef jerky. Rather, it's string cheese studded with bits and pieces of beef jerky, like a Slim Jim Beef and Cheese Twin Pack rolled into one.

Duff Goldman's San Francisco-Themed "Extreme Cake"

Sir Kensington Ketchup

It truly is hard to top Heinz [6] in the ketchup department, but Sir Kensington's [7] gave the mass-produced material a run for its money. We loved the thick, rich spicy flavor, even on its own.

Cheesecake in a Jar

Marketing queso in a jar [8] makes pretty logical sense, but Cheesecake in a Jar? Sounds like as much of a stretch as haggis-flavored chips [9].


Vegan Seafood

We steered clear of this product, which, like jumbo shrimp, was sounding pretty oxymoronic.

California Caviar's Dip

Genius! The dip served up by the folks at California Caviar [10] was not only texturally exhilarating but also a brilliant way to stretch a small portion of roe.

Paul Prudhomme

The legendary Paul Prudhomme was in the house to promote his Magic Seasoning Blends [11]. Despite being in a wheelchair, he still found the energy to sign autographs and take pictures with attendees.

New-Age Dippin' Dots

Flavored spheres seemed to be a resounding theme. They looked like Dippin' Dots and had a gummy consistency. One product was designed to look like caviar but flavored to taste like truffles. Hmm.

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