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The Dos and Don'ts of Attending Food Festivals

Mar 2 2012 - 4:13am

Should you find yourself at a food festival, like the one we just attended in South Beach, FL, there are some things you should prepare for. From keeping hydrated to dressing appropriately, these few essential tips will keep you loving every minute of the festivities.

— Additional reporting by Camilla Salem

Do Bring Flats

Sure, wearing heels makes us all feel great, but when you're on your third trip around the tents (that are the size of two football fields!), you'll be glad to have packed a cute, comfortable pair of flats.

Photo: Susannah Chen

Don't Ignore the Water Lady!

This is a big one: do not ignore the sweet lady handing you ice-cold bottles of Fiji Water because you'd rather go back for your fifth glass of wine. The booze is free-flowing at these events, which means it's essential to stay hydrated. Not only will you feel better the next morning, but you're less likely to make a fool out of yourself at the event.

Photo: Susannah Chen

Do Wear Shoes

It's tempting to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the Miami Beach sand, but let's be real, that's probably not the best idea at an event like this. We spotted numerous shards of broken glass and spilled food and drink, among many other things. Keep it safe, keep it classy, and wear shoes to food festivals.

Photo: Susannah Chen

Don't Wear a Bikini

But at least she's got her shoes on, right? Seriously, though, these festivals may seem like one giant party, but they're still industry events. While a full-blown pantsuit isn't necessary while you're kicking through sand on the beach, a bikini and heels just doesn't cut it.

Photo: Susannah Chen

Do Arrive Early

If you hate being elbowed and pushed as you reach for a plate of tuna poke or a St. Germain cocktail, make sure to arrive early. These events fill up and if crazy-drunk crowds aren't your thing, give yourself a little breathing room by being prompt. An hour after we snapped this picture, the tent became a madhouse.

Photo: Camilla Salem

Do Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses at food festivals are essential, but not for the reason you might think. Wear big dark shades to hide your reactions to any crazy, ZOMG moments [1], and trust us, there will be many!

Photo: Susannah Chen

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