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Food Network Brings Back Jeffrey Saad, Reveals Fall Lineup

If the prospect of Summer ending makes you sad, remember one of the perks of Fall: new TV lineups. Not only is Bravo's Top Chef making its return on Wednesday, but Food Network's also debuting a handful of new shows this season.

When The Next Food Network Star came to a close, nearly a third of you were surprised by the outcome, and believed runner-up Jeffrey Saad should've taken top prize instead. In a less-than-unpredictable announcement, VP of Programming Bob Tuschman revealed that the Food Network has produced a mini-series of web episodes based on Jeffrey's original pilot, The Spice Smuggler.
One month from today, the network will debut Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin, the network's equivalent of the Travel Channel's hit Bizarre Foods. On the first two episodes, former Animal Planet adventure host Jeff Corwin will eat rancid butter in Morocco and dive for spiny urchin in Greece. Chopped, the food channel's answer to Top Chef, also returns with a four-week championship event that features previous Chopped champions returning to compete once more for the chance to claim the ultimate title and bank another $10,000. And on Iron Chef America, chef Michael Symon battles it out in Kitchen Stadium with a handful of culinary students.

Does the network's Fall lineup sound enticing to you? What do you think of Jeffrey's return to TV? Are you hoping that he, too, will have a future at the Food Network?


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mslewis mslewis 7 years
Jeffrey's concept was interesting but he is boring!! His shows will be only web episodes that I might watch or might not, depending on my mood. On the other hand, I've watched Melissa's first two shows and she is rocking it!! I'm really happy for her. I absolutely LOVE "Chopped" and I hope it comes back for another full season. The championship shows should be very good. I'm looking forward to them. I totally ignore most of what is written in the NY Times. They seem to have gotten a bit mean all of a sudden, perhaps because of their falling subscribers. I find myself going to their website less and less and not missing them at all. I didn't read that article about Food Network but it doesn't surprise me.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
every year we hear that maybe the best person didn't win and they end up with a show - so i'm not surprised that the network is bringing him back. not that i'm really that excited about his concept - i hope that his show does well.
mks0880 mks0880 7 years
I'm beginning to get tired of the food network - the recent article in the NY Times was right - they show cooking in a way that will keep you on your couch and out of your kitchen
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
I loved both Melissa and Jeffrey but I did want Melissa to win and I'm glad she did.
doogirl doogirl 7 years
I knew that they would bring Jeffrey back, I think it's dumb though! Melissa rocks her show, I rooted for her since the beginning, and now that doofus Jeffrey is getting a show? What is up with the freaking Food Network? Last year they had an amazing talent (Lisa) and yet they chose another doof Aaron to win and then brought back the doofy Adam for his show! Oh well, as long as Melissa is still on, then that's one show I'll be for sure watching!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I liked Jeffrey and I'm glad they're letting him expand on his pilot show idea. I thought his idea was very original and I'd be curious to watch it. I'm also a fan of Chopped, so I'm excited to see that this season as well. But I'm not a fan of Jeff Corwin, so I'll probably skip "Extreme Cuisine".
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