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Food Network Says Ciao! To Mario

A few weeks ago we mentioned Mario Batali's new show with Gwyneth Paltrow. If you recall, the show of them road-tripping through the Spanish countryside will be aired on PBS, not Food Network. At the time, I wondered why that was the case, but assumed it might have something to do with it being in conjunction with Spanish television. However it turns out it might actually have something to do with Mario Batali splitting up with Food Network. That's right, after an eleven year run on FN, Batali is hanging up his FN chef's coat.

Sources say the network told Mario that his multiple shows would not be renewed.

"He said that if his shows weren't going to be renewed, then he wasn't going to do 'Iron Chef,' " said a network insider. "And then they essentially said 'ciao'"

So no more Molto Mario and no more Iron Chef Batali — which sort of explains why they are looking for the Next Iron Chef.

Batali has been with the network since 1996. There's no word on whether or not his show will air in repeats.

What do you guys think about this? Do you think it's a mistake?

Source: New York Post
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RoseEschmann RoseEschmann 5 years
I find this not only sad but a huge mistake on the part of FN. I have been watching TVFN since it started. I remember Chilling and Grilling before Bobby Flay became to arrogant for works and I even remember when Emerill was thin ( the Pre- BAM) Emerill. Mario has stayed EXACTLY the same and I will miss him dearly. He was my favorite and one of the only reasons I kept watching. you can keep the table scapes and all the other crap. Guess I am watching PBS.
bhuggy bhuggy 6 years
Bad move Food Network Mario was my favorite Iron Chef and Malto Mario was the most educational program you had going for you. Sorry Alton no offense intended.
gramoh gramoh 7 years
I think this is a big mistake! He is one of the most entertaining, personable cooks on the show. I will certainly miss his. Next to Michael he is my favorite!
nicolem83 nicolem83 8 years
I think this is a huge mistake. Mario was one of the first chefs to have a show on FN. I hardly ever watched his shows, but he DOES have a great screen presence. I think it's sad and I hope maybe eventually he'll come back.
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