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17 Times Pinterest Really Let Us Down

Aug 31 2014 - 3:10am

Cookie bowls [1], bacon pancake dippers [2], and princess-themed birthday cakes [3] might seem like pure Pinterest gold, but try them out yourself and the results may be a little less than dreamy. Sure, it might be a little discouraging at first, but all you can really do is giggle and dig into the (hopefully still tasty) results, beautifully styled or not. Check out these amazing kitchen #Pinterestfails, because we've all been there.

Source: Instagram user lyscamibern33 [4]

This Mug Cake Is Just Bursting With Flavor

These Weren't Supposed to Be Scrambled?

These Baked Strawberries Are, Er . . . Extracrisp

Drink Faster; the Kahlua Marshmallow Shots Are Melting!

Just Call Him Kooky Monster

Stars, They're Just Like Us . . . They #PinterestFail Too

At Least There's Bacon Left Over

This Pancake Is Having a Rough Morning

Not Quite So Pretty in Pink

These Cookie Bowls Can't Keep It Together

Someone Forgot to Buy Seedless

A Sandwich Runneth Over

Just Roll With It

When Bad Cakes Happen to Good People

Watermelon Cake: Expectation vs. Reality

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, This Was a Good Idea

Lemonade Letdown

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