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Food Review of Temptations by Jell-O

Taste Test: Temptations by Jell-O

When it comes to foods that are quintessentially all-American, I have to vote for Jell-O pudding. After all, what American schoolkid didn't grow up eating this in a brown-bagged lunch? Now that I can make my own pudding, I steer clear of buying it as an adult, but when I heard that Jell-O was releasing a new line, I couldn't resist trying it out.Temptations by JellOKraft describes Temptations by Jell-O as a new line of "layered, indulgent snacks for 150 calories or less per serving." The Temptations line comes in six different-flavored snack cups, and three more mixes that can be whipped up at home. We gave the cups a whirl. Did they hit the spot when it came to our Valentine's Day craving for chocolate? To find out, keep reading.

French Silk Pie: "Tastes just like regular pudding to me," Katie commented on first bite. Indeed, it was reminiscent of Jell-O's classic chocolate pudding, but with a mousse layer on top. Honestly, I expected more: I wanted it to be richer, with a more intense and authentic chocolate flavor.

Double Chocolate Pie: My palate went back and forth between the French Silk and Double Chocolate Pie flavors, and this selection was noticeably tastier. I was convinced that the chocolate element was different in this cup, as it had a deeper, darker, more genuine flavor. Indeed, I was right. It was the only cup that didn't have "artificial flavor" on the label. That says something right there. It also wasn't too sweet.


Apple Custard Pie: It was surprising to spot actual pieces of apple on the top (albeit four meager squares). I did taste all the flavors described, but wasn't a fan of the aggressively syrupy sweetness, and the jelled caramel apple topping and gloppy custard left something to be desired in the texture department. Katie declared it her least favorite.

Temptations by JellO

Raspberry Cheesecake: Katie remarked it didn't taste very cheesy. The mild, mousselike cheesecake flavor along with a jelled raspberry topping made for a pleasing cheesecake fix, even for a non-cheesecake fan like myself.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Similar to the raspberry cheesecake, the strawberry cheesecake had a mild, rather pleasing flavor. It didn't have as much of a pronounced strawberry flavor, however.

Lemon Meringue Pie: At 100 calories, this snack cup committed the smallest crime, nutrition-wise, of the bunch, but it was difficult to get past the lemon flavor, which tasted artificial and medicinal.

If you already love Jell-O puddings, chances are you'll enjoy at least one of these cups. But, with the exception of Double Chocolate Pie, don't expect the most authentic of flavors. Can you get behind Jell-O's latest snack?

imsheilavgt imsheilavgt 5 years
I fell in love with your Lemon meringue Pie of Jell-o  Temptations. I DO NOT understand why that you have changed it to a lesser amount with 4 servings . The set of 3 was perfect. It really upsets me that you have to ruin what was a wonderful dessert.
eversammie eversammie 6 years
My favorite is the 'French Silk Pie'. That is followed by 'Double Chocolate'. No other flavors appeal to me, and I do think parents could tell their kids it's just a commercial. I mean, when I was a kid, Mr. Rogers had a song about going down the bathroom drain ior not going down it. Totally scared me. Thought I would go down the bathtub drain. My parents were kind enough to set me straight. It's a commercial. I love the two flavors I mentioned, I also didn't mind the chocolate mint. but won't get it again most likely.
emsma emsma 6 years
Oh my goodness folks, lighten UP! I agree it's not the greatest of commericals but a form of child abuse?? Really? Anyway - LOVE the lemon meringue! I have not been a fan of jello gelatin or puddings since I was a kid but this was really tasty. Also love the new Mousse!
caba caba 6 years
I am also fed up with your commercials that promote scaring the hell out of kids, over a pudding. I would never buy the produce. There must be a better way to market your produce.If not, shame on you.
millarci millarci 6 years
I actually like the French Silk Pie one. :)
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
I found the link! :feedme:
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
I haven't tried them, but I think I will stick with my Greek yogurt mixed with a bit of Jello's instant pudding (dry) mix. Someone posted the idea on FitSugar a while back, and I've been happily grooving on it ever since!
lekatvt lekatvt 6 years
I like their moose cups and sugar free jello varieties but don't really go beyond that sounds like I can pass on these.
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