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Food Review: Thomas' Croissants

Kind of Addictive: Thomas' Croissants

I can't remember the last time I ordered a French pastry, especially a croissant. That's why I'm shocked when it comes to my latest fixation: these split croissants by Thomas', the company of English muffin "nook and cranny" fame.

Generally, croissants are too messy and too large for my liking. I'm not a fan of sending shards of pastry every which way when taking a bite. But these slightly petite pastries are pillowy soft and already split, and at 160 calories each, they're just fattening enough without putting you over the top.

The croissants also an ideal vehicle for any sort of sandwich. Lately, I've been skipping my reduced-fat turkey bacon sandwich at Starbucks in favor of making my own at home, like the aged cheddar and salt-and-pepper scrambled egg sandwich pictured here. If you're into breakfast sandwiches, what's your bread of choice?

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