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Let's Dish: What Foods Are Getting Their Big Break This Year?

Jan 1 2010 - 5:30am

In the spirit of the New Year [1], we've done plenty of reflecting on the headlines and highlights of 2009 [2], including the biggest food trends at the end of the decade [3].

Now it's time to weigh in on the coming year. I've got more than enough predictions for what's going to blow up over the next 12 months. Among my guesses: Ramen will have its day, only to be pushed aside by pho; unctuous beef tendon will replace overdone pork belly; and macarons [4] will upstage mini cupcakes. Other things that will go mainstream: sustainable seafood [5], chicharrones [6], castelvetranos [7], tamales, neo tiki [8] culture, yakitori [9], and anything that ends in "wurst."

What are your predictions?

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