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3 Food Trends You'll Start to See in Your Neck of the Woods

Jun 27 2014 - 5:29am

The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen [1] may be over, but these three food and drink trends are just bubbling up! With exposure to food and drinks from the country's top chefs and bartenders, here's what we think you'll see more and more of in your neck of the woods.

Classic Cocktails With a Booze Swap

You've had a margarita, Moscow mule, and old fashioned before, but maybe not with vodka, tequila, and rye whiskey, respectively. Bartenders recognize the beauty of classic cocktails but are swapping up the booze used [2].

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Unusual Asian Fusion

Japanese-Greek, French-Vietnamese, and Filipino-South American: these aren't the typical combos that come to mind when you think of when you think Asian fusion. However, chefs are exploring the never-ending list of possible hybrids.

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Veggies Are the New Steak

Perhaps vegan has been trending on the East and West coast, but going meatless has finally spread to the middle of the country. Grant Achatz and his Next: Vegan [9] menu in Chicago suddenly gave all chefs permission to think vegetables are cool and worthy of highlighting. Last year, only one best new chef [10] bravely plated a veggie-centric dish. This year, three out of 10, and that doesn't include the slew of other chefs that showcased veggie dishes this weekend.

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