Foodie Fight = Fantastic Fun
Foodie Fight = Fantastic Fun

Last Friday night, my sister surprised me with a new trivia game by publishing house Chronicle Books. Created for serious food lovers, the game is addictive and informative. The Foodie Fight ($18.95) is like Trivial Pursuit but with questions related to food history, celebrity chefs, cultural cuisines, cooking techniques, and more. The game can be played in teams or alone. Each correct answer is rewarded with a small playing piece that fits into the color coded cards. The first team to answer the most questions, and completely fill in the card, wins. To find out what I thought of the game,


I love the concept and even though my team lost (!), I had a fabulous time playing. Many of the questions (Whose best-selling 1980 chocolate cookbook was recently republished?, What chef was known for his Italian cooking show in the 1970s?) seem geared toward an older generation of foodies and proved to be very difficult to answer.

Other stumping questions were related to pop culture (What was the name of the deli frequented on the series Roseanne?) and food processing techniques (in the produce and vegetable freezing process, what does IFQ stand for?). The easiest to answer were those about cooking and food identification.

The game's main flaw isn't the puzzling questions (trivia wouldn't be trivia without baffling questions!), but the lack of trivia cards. The compact box contains only 168 trivia cards and while this may seem like plenty, if playing more than one round or several times over the weekend, there aren't enough questions. When played infrequently, the game will retain its mystery.

Despite the shortage of trivia cards and the occasional head-scratching question, the game is superb fun and makes an excellent gift for any food lover. Have you played? What did you think?

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