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Foods Kids Hate but Adults Love

What Foods Did You Despise as a Child but Grow to Love as an Adult?

Every child has a food that's an absolute no. It varies by kid; my niece loves everything from asparagus to calamari to brussels sprouts, but she'll turn her nose up at mushrooms every time, no matter how they're prepared.

When I was growing up, I was a pretty adventurous eater, but I despised frozen peas — so much that I made up an elaborate story about them being my doll's favorite thing on the entire planet and got away with passing along my helping to her whenever the vegetable was served at dinner. For most of my life, I continued my disdain of peas of all kinds: frozen, canned, and fresh. Then one Spring, I popped open one of those English pea pods at the farmers market and fell in love. Now, whenever this time of year rolls around, I can't wait to shell fresh peas.

I'm curious to know your stories: what foods did you hate as a kid that you've since learned to love?

Photo: Lauren Hendrickson

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