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Former Top Chef All-Star Fabio Viviani Recaps Episode 12

Fabio Viviani on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 12

There's no one who could provide a more entertaining perspective on the all-star season of Top Chef than a former contestant. That's why we've asked Top Chef New York contender (and All-Star!) Fabio Viviani to watch the show and share his thoughts. Fabio, take it away!Let me start by saying that it's a pleasure to share this fun recap with YumSugar, you guys are been very kind to me and not only I like your site very much but I also love you to pieces!

As soon as the episode start I already witness something that pissed me off: Richard telling everybody how much the departure of Dale Talde make him sad is the only departure that make him very sad! Richie, WTF? I thought we had something. I thought that since I dropped Stefan now you were my lover, and instead of telling everyone how much you miss me all I hear is that you will only miss Dale? Fine, Professor. Forget about that I was your real love on the show, forget that we were roommate for almost five weeks while Dale was sleeping with "Angela" and "The Black Italian" Tre . . . forget about the fact that I made you win Restaurant War . . . forget about the fact that I carried you throughout the Italian challenge . . . forget about the fact that I got kicked off cause someone that knows how to make great Boo-Ger didn't helped too much, forget about that I was the one that prepped the food for you and sent you to the Barbados, let's forget all this, go with Dale and be happy with him. BTW, he has a girlfriend. Hope you like to share.

To find out what he thought of the episode's outcome, keep reading.

To be honest, as much as I make fun of her, I like Antonia very much! She is a single mom and she is a great chef. I really hope that she will make it to the finale and win this. She has stainless-steel balls. I'm happy that she made it this far. Now Antonia: come to my house and collect the presents that I got for your daughter's turtle.


They are on the boat, and as soon as the horn blows it's mayhem. Tiffany make a bowl of nachos with benefits, Antonia grill a cheese sandwich without a grill and redeem herself from the mussels robbery, Richard smoke some crack and cook a hot dog in a military heating bag, and Carla decided to go green and supreme an orange. Mike is making a bread soup . . . it look like a bad hangover ended up on a sidewalk, and tastes like one too. Hootie-hoo is the winner! I guess I have to take it back. Go Top Chef Fruit Salad!

OK, I have a question. What they would look up for me if I was still in the competition? I have no ancestor in USA. This would be a big bummer for me. Maybe I would've gotten kicked off right before if only Jimmy Fallon wasn't asking for a meatloaf. And Tom: just so you know, I still love you and you're invited anytime to try my meatloaf that taste like a juicy burger!

They are spending some time with their families and there is all bunch of good stories. Richard, I just lost my grandpa and hear you talk about your losses and a hard year make a knot in my stomach. I'm with you, man. Tiffany discover that she is from Beaumont and she is very happy about so now she can brag about it. Carla and her husband are really a cute couple. He's really a big guy, she is really skinny. Hopefully they pay attention when they cuddle! I love Carla! Now the UNEXPLAINABLE just happened. Antonia and Mike are related? Are you f*%#@+% kidding me ?? Mike I thought that you were my Italian brother from Jersey; I didn't know that you had ancestor in France?! Now we have a really weird family. Antonia and Mike they would set each other on fire if they could and now they will spend Xmas together? Wow.

The elimination challenge consist in the chefs cooking their memories, very nice and touching. I wish Antonia's dad all my best. I know he's Italian and those guys are strong. I really hope your dad will feel better soon. Please bring him to my restaurant. I promise no mussels for you guys! Would love to meet him.

Tom is b*tching cause he forgot that we had GREAT GNOCCHI on this season, thanks to me, but he forgot and is telling Mike's mom that people always get in trouble making gnocchi! Hellllooooo?? Excuse me? Anyway.

Everybody does very well, and to me is funny at the end how Richard instead of kiss his wife and hug her, bust her ball like he was doing with me about what the judges were saying! Just kiss her and let go . . .

The finale is all about messing up and trying to give Richard a heart attack! RICHARD PACK YOU KNIFE AND GO . . . to the finale. Bravo really? WTF. This poor dog is freaking out all season. I bet the producers were laughing their asses off backstage! Love you guys, good luck in the Bahamas!! Don't forget to check my previous recap, and thanks for having fun with me and always supporting this crazy Italian!! YumSugar, I love you.


Enjoy Fabio as much as we do? Check out all of Fabio's previous recaps on his blog, and his Southern California restaurants, Firenze Osteria and Cafe Firenze.

Photo courtesy of Bravo

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