Looks like Denny's is joining the fancy coffee train. They've recently introduced their new Special Blend Coffee that is "now bolder and richer." In fact, the beans are custom roasted to reach a rich, smooth flavor.

"Coffee preferences have been impacted by the popularity of coffee shops and the availability of premium roasts," said Peter Gibbons, Denny's vice president of product development. "Our new special blend has a rich coffeehouse taste that our guests enjoy in the comfortable atmosphere of our restaurants."

Wonder how it tastes? Well on April 17th (tax day), you can head into your local participating Denny's and receive a free cup. If, however, you can't make it into a restaurant (and you happen to live in LA, Chicago, Dallas, Miami or Pittsburgh) you may be greeted with a cup at post offices (standing in line filing those taxes) and specially chosen high-traffic areas.

Source: PR Newswire