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So we've just about reached the end of the year and it seems everyone is putting together year-end lists. PopSugar has Favorite Celebrity Moms, BuzzSugar has Top Albums and the folks at Epicurious have put together a list of 2006 food trends. Their list includes honey, steakhouses, Southern cuisine and better mixed drinks. For the most part I agree with them, but I'm really surprised to see that pomegranates were left off the list, same with tapas-style eating (seems like every new restaurant I try is "small plates").

Now that 2006's been covered, what about 2007? To see some of the 2007 food trend predictions,

Seems that the steak craze is not over.

"We will see the unabashed growth in the steak craze. I thought it had peaked. I really did," says Dana Cowin, editor-in-chief of Food & Wine magazine. "And then it turns out there is no peak to steak. It keeps going."

As part of this growth, steakhouses will get a feminine touch, say the folks at the Food Network. The push will be for a more contemporary look that emphasizes romance and ambiance over wooing clients.

However if you're not into steak, don't fret, it seems that there will be a few superstars in the seafood world too. Bon Appetit are calling "feel good fish" as a top trend. So open your arms and mouths and welcome fish such as tilapia and mahi-mahi.

Another prediction for 2007, one that I'm happy to see, is local foods. Many restaurants already tout their local grown heirloom tomatoes, but expect your local grocer to join the local food bandwagon too.

Finally, a trend that many experts are predicting is the explosion in Greek and African foods. I could have sworn that 2006 was the year for Greek food, but I am excited to hear about a rise in African food. Ethiopian is one of my favorite cuisines right now, it's such a great blend of sweet and savory.

So what do you think? Do you have any predictions for 2007? Anything you wish would catch on? Let us know in the comments below.

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puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
"High end" comfort food will still be popular, as will "innovative" flavour combinations like bacon and caramel, which I saw in a lot of restaurants in the last year. And Asian ingredients like yuzu, shiso, and mountain potato will also continue to find their way off Japanese menus and onto European menus. Blending savory and sweet in desserts will also become more popular (in other forms than the ubiquitous goat cheese cheesecake, hopefully!)
luvbriere luvbriere 10 years
I believe both pomegranates and small plates were really a 2005 thing. I'm not positive but I remember it being the best of 05 for Bon Appetit. I think you will see a continuation of comfort food with a twist.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
I would wish for more variety of organic foods and also more dairy-free/soy products in the "regular" grocery stores.
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