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Future Trends Analyst Ben Hourahaine Says Pubs Will Use Microchip Technology

The Future of the Pub Could Rely on Technology

Great Britain's pubs are in trouble. In the wake of the economic downturn, bars have been closing by the several dozen each week. So do British brewpubs have a future? One expert says yes and predicts technology could be the pub's saving grace.

Future trends analyst Ben Hourahaine tells the UK's Telegraph that, for taverns and pubs, microchips could be the wave of the future. He predicts that by 2259, when a loyal customer walks into his usual bar, a reader above the door will scan the individual's microchip, note the patron's usual order, and deduct a payment automatically. Raising another pint? That could be as easy as placing an order on one of the many touch-sensitive tables at the tavern. Buddy not able to make it? You could simulate enjoying a pint with a pal, thanks to hologram technology. Hourahaine added:

Despite significant developments in bar technology over the past 250 years, the majority of pubs have managed to retain their original character. Exciting technological innovations will only enhance the customer's experience, actively engaging them and inspiring them.

The technology may be years away, but Hourahaine has a point: Technology could be the impetus to keep certain establishments — such as neighborhood pubs — in business. What do you think of Hourahaine's prediction for the pub's future?


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