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Get Your Eat On! Competitive Eating Game For the Wii

Interested in competitive eating, but can't quite stomach the thought of eating a bajillion hot dogs in one sitting? Then get ready, a new video game will allow you to pretend you're a Competitive World Eating Champion. On May 12, game publisher Mastiff will be releasing Major League Eating: The Game for the Wii.

I read about it the other day and have been dreaming of the craziness ever since. The game will use the Wii controller extensively in order to "simulate a variety of eating techniques" — I can't wait, it will be hilarious to see my friends making eating motions with the Wii controller — and will play like a fighting game.

While regular competitive eating seems rather gluttonous, not to mention a total waste of food, a virtual competition could be a bit fun. So who's going to challenge me when it comes out?


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