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What Would You Make With a Giant Zucchetta Squash?

YumSugar pal and longtime PopSugarTV makeup artist Desirae Cherman came to me with a recent dilemma: she'd just paid a visit to Jillian Dempsey's home farm and walked away with an enormous, multi-foot-long zucchetta rampicante, and had no idea how to make the best use of zucchini-like squash.

As much as I love zucchini carpaccio and fried zucchini, there's only so much of that you can make and eat in one day. I suggested she use the oversized squash to make a hefty batch of zucchini quick bread to eat right away, give away to friends, and freeze for breakfast later.

Readers: have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you make with this giant zucchetta?

LinneyKim LinneyKim 6 years
My parents just gave me a section of theirs that looks a lot like what you have. I plan on cutting it up into matchsticks and using it for a stir fry.
njau njau 6 years
I had a very similar dilemma. My garden really only produced two regular zuchinni plants, but those zuchinnis over all produced 20+ ears at, no jokes, 4" or more in diameter, about a foot long or more. I did make a lot of zuchinni bread, zuchinni casseroles, fried zuchinni, but then had to start giving a lot away because you get really sick of it! Next year I"m only planting one zuchinni plant and trying other squash plants as they grow so heartily in my garden.
houseofanais houseofanais 6 years
Looks fantastic. Have a big ad hoc party tomorrow with the friends to enjoy it - as they are best enjoyed as fresh as possible!
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