Gin can be a polarizing spirit. With the exception of a few gin and tonics, I've always avoided it; however, a bunch of new gins on the market have converted me into a gin lover. One such gin, Right gin, is my current favorite.

Recently, I was invited to a seminar hosted at the brand's loft, here in San Francisco. The event was put on by Nirvino, the awesome social-drinking website that let's you rate cocktails and wine, and led by bad-boy bartender Josh Harris of 15 Romolo. Harris discussed the essentials to building a home bar and walked us through a blind gin-tasting.

To find out more about the tasting and check out all my images from the event, keep reading.


Basically, there are three types of gin: the most common London-dry style (Beefeater, Bombay), the floral style (Hendricks), and the newer Western-style gins (Right, Bluecoat). To illustrate the drastic differences, Harris had us sip from glasses filled with the three styles. The first was difficult to swallow and gag-inducing. The second was smooth and aromatic. With its crisp cleanliness, the third tasted suspiciously like vodka! Wrong, it was actually Right. Right was created by partners who didn't like gin. While it has all the typical ingredients of gin, it lacks the sharp bite found in dryer gins, and is exceptionally easy to drink. I plan on getting a bottle of Right to experiment with at home.

Have you tried Right gin? How do you feel about gin in general?