On Friday afternoon, as I was strolling around town, I noticed the first real signs of Spring: Girl Scout Cookies! So unless you've already ordered yours, you've got 13 days to get your hands on this year's offerings. From now until Mar. 16, you'll be able to find Girl Scouts on nearly every major street corner and grocery store parking lot. Some troops are on a different schedule, but you can find a troop near you and indulge!

Personally, I've got a thing for the Samoas, I love the toasted coconut, caramel, and chocolate. Although I wouldn't turn down a Thin Mint or a Tagalong (peanut butter and chocolate) either. And I always end up buying at least one box (they should be $3.50 a box).

So tell me, do you end up buying Girl Scout Cookies? Or do you think they're overrated?