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Girl Scout Cookies: On Their Way Out?

Every year girls of many ages partake in a time-honored tradition: Girl Scout cookie sales. But this year, the joy that Girl Scout cookie season brings may be, well, a little bittersweet.

In the last half a decade, the Girl Scouts of the USA has faced membership decline, and the organization has brought in a consulting team for an image overhaul. The conclusion? Focus less on selling cookies.

Membership in the Girl Scouts fell by 250,000 in the last five years, according to a Time report, and cookie sales have been down as well. In a struggle to retain importance, the organization will shift its focus to areas such as technology and community service.

So if you see a cookie-buying opportunity, jump on it, for fear of fewer chances down the line. Personally, I will be creating a stash of Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites to last me through the year. Do you plan to stock up now? Are the Girl Scouts are making a wise move?


bboo24 bboo24 8 years
I live in topeka kansas and my son and daughter are (were) in scouts. Scouts any more is all about money just like everything else in this country. Our scout leaders never showed up on time and when they finally showed up there wasnt enough time to so any scout stuff so all they did way play. My husband and I were both scouts growing up so we diecide to pick up the scout leader boods and we are now our own scout leaders. After the end of the school year we have 6 other families wanting to join with us. We figure if the scout leaders dont have the time there is no reason to be a scout leader. So next yerar we will have our own girl scout troup that has 4 girls in it and a boy scout troop that has 6 boys in it. We have also been incuraging other mothers or fathers that stay at home to try to step up some more on these scout leaders.
gslmdtn gslmdtn 8 years
I have been with Girl Scouts for 27 years. I was a Girl Scout, was my daughters leader and then my granddaughters leader. Selling cookies is not child labor. Girls learn responsibility, handling of money, and dealing with the public. Which are all good life skills in my book. The proceeds from sales to to the girls, helping in repairing and building campsites in our area. Theey also help with programining for girls that are not able to afford them, such as camps, horse programs and other activities. Girl Scouts do earn awards equal to Boy Scouts. They are called Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. The price of a box of cookies or the fact that you might get one or two less cookies should not be the main issue. This is a great opportunity for girls and adults. It is apparent to me that some of you are just ignorant when it comes to Girl Scouts
cac66 cac66 8 years
I think cookies are not going away, however as with everything in our world whether we like it or not, change is on the horizon. And while I am at it here is one more opinion to go with all the rest, I have been a Girl Scout Leader for 14 years and was a Girl Scout myself off and on for about 5 years, and truthfully I myself quit as a girl for many of the reasons already talked about, however both of my daughters will have 13 years in after this year. Both with their Gold Awards, many many many countless hours of community service, lots of camping, a slew of hours with great friends and the chance to attend many other events too numerous to list as well as traveling places they may not have otherwise. Yes this organization like many others, including boy scouts, has it's bad things, and the only way they change is to meet them head on and fight for change. That does not however mean it is all bad or deserves to be thrown away. I have worked at just about every level of volunteering possible in my council, and have seen them treat the girls and volunteers in ways that were horrible, but Girl Scouts have excellent core values that have nothing to do with selling cookies, we only do that for 3 months, beginning to end. As with any organization there are good and not so good volunteers just as there are good and not so good people in every walk of life. When you buy girl scout cookies, you are not just supporting money making, you are supporting girls learning some great basic core values, and that is worth more than any concern over package size, calories, or even money.
jloos jloos 8 years
My daughters are both in Girl Scouts and have been screwed over by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri on earning their Gold Award. My youngest was in 8th grade and 14 when she did everything she was supposed to do to earn it and they turned her down because she wasn't 14 and in 9th grade. Girl Scouts are so bound up by "red tape" that they don't realize they are actually killing the girls' desire to be a part of an organization that they are REQUIRED to support by selling cookies, but then don't get the support back! The Gold Award Committee of the Girl Scout Council of Eastern Missouri should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior at the meeting also - they didn't introduce themselves to the girls and even had a lady on speaker phone that the girls didn't even know was there until she coughed. And to the committee member who told the girls that "Girl Scouts of USA" wouldn't care about 2 girls from St. Louis (when they asked if they could appeal their decision)- we'll find out!!!!!
BillA BillA 8 years
After several years in Girl Scouts, my daughter gave it up. The girls knock their brains out to sell cookies and keep pennies and the national leaders build huge complexes and live off their unpaid slave cookie sellers. No wonder the organization is on the rocks. Even the lady who ran the troop finally gave up in disgust. It's just not worth it. They don't do anything but sell cookies. A few live in luxury at the expense of little girls. The organization is a farce.
canonchic canonchic 8 years
Cookies aren't going anywhere they are still the number one funding for the girl scout organization,but in recent years the focus has been on cookies and they are trying to get back to what Juliette Low originally had in mind which is an organization designed to teach young ladies how that they can do and be anything. They are switching the focus back to teaching girls to be leaders not just cookie sales people.
staarz staarz 8 years
We love girl scout cookies. I have two granddaughters who were selling this year as brownies. one sold 180 boxes and the other sold 125 boxes. and it was not that hard. most everyone loves cookies. I was never girl scout because we didn't have money when I was young to join and then it just wasn't cool. Tho my granddaughters love it and they have so many girls that want to be in scouts that they dont have the adults needed to help out and run it. I hope more parents keep this up. they still go camping and do really neat things for their badges. I think they are learning alot and making good friends.
GS-lifer GS-lifer 8 years
just like cjc and few of the others, cookie sales is not the focus of girl scouting. If it is, it is because the leader is making it that way. girl scouting is about learning new skills, meeting new people whether they be here or in a different country. Also the money they earn for selling cookies is really not a lot and most of the leaders that I know (myself included) didn't push the selling of them. The money the girls earned was used for them to go see the world centers of girl scouts and to go see the Birth place of the founder of girl scouts Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah Ga. For the older scouts who have been in scouting in their high school years that looks good on the college applications. Hopefully they will not stop selling cookies all together.
janeandkevin janeandkevin 8 years
Sorry Girl Scouts. After a lifetime of buying your yummy cookies our family is now calling it quits. Good cause or not shrinking the package or increasing the cost is anacceptable. We always look forward to the cookie drive each year but now it will be one less expense to think about. When my business is expected to cut prices even in down times while other businesses do the opposite we simply cannot be a part of that.
cjc cjc 8 years
My Daughter is currently a Girl Scout she loves being a Girl Scout. Her troop does MANY community service projects, such as a food drive for the loacal food pantry, pick up trash in the parks,volunteer at the local animal shelter. We go Christmas Caroling to the nursing homes here every year and we make them a little craft for a gift. They are working a a Junior Aid Award and a Bronze Award too. Some of is the leaders...her leader says if dont sell any cookies thats ok its your choice and every year they do very well with thier cookie sales.
d454a957 d454a957 8 years
I am a new leader this year. Cookie sales only occur for two months of the year, so that is hardly the focus. The girl above that said the badges were no motivation didn't understand what they represented and it is good she only stayed in one year. Each meeting does represent either a furthered learning or community service. I think it is obvious that the GS have gotten a bad rap. Each girl I know does do activities outdoors and in and has a firm understanding of supporting the community around them. I do agree that with the increasing number of other activities that kids can be in, and the general lack of participation by many kids for any activity, there has been a changing trend with different generations. GS in our area is very strong and growing. And there are two suppliers of the GS cookie and that is why there are two different names for some of the cookies like the Samoas and Caramel D'lites.
Roy-Diaz Roy-Diaz 8 years
I think I'm all done buying Girl Scout cookies for life. Maybe, this organization needs to think about its mission or change course and use a different funding method.
cneums cneums 8 years
I was a girl scout for 8 years and my troop didn't focus a lot on the cookies. We volunteered at nursing homes, went camping, did crafts, and went to jamborees. I still have all my badges (20 years later) and am psyched my niece is a brownie. I learned how to bake a lot of the cookies like thin mints, caramel delights (it changes based on geographic area btw!), peanut butter patties, and shortbread. But I always buy a box from the GS in my neighborhood.
writerjenna writerjenna 8 years
Y'know, if the Girl Scouts hadn't raised their prices so much over the years, they probably would have more sales! When I was a Girl Scout myself, each box was $2.50.
bebehaul24 bebehaul24 8 years
i don't know any girl scouts anymore so I haven't had any of these delicious cookies in years. I was a daisy (jr brownie) and then a brownie and then a junior girl scout and I remember just loving it most of the way through. I quit because we got a new mom as the leader and everything we did had to revolve around her church and I found that insulting as a fifth grader i guess haha but i really didn't like the cookie selling process other than filling out the form. i remember having to deliver the cookies after a huge snow storm and it was a complete nightmare! i wish i could find my sash wtih all the badges because my mom used to show my hers from when she was a girl and i thought it was the coolest thing in the world.
Abbigail Abbigail 8 years
I never knew many girls who were girl scouts growing up. It just wasn't that big in our area, BUT I do LOVE Samoas (Caterpillar girl, as of last year they were still called Samoas). I would be horrified if they stopped selling them.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
huh - that would really suck i think if there weren't any more girl scout cookies - that's something that we all look forward to each year. i wonder if the GSA would consider putting them for sale on their website if they decided not to have the girls sell them anymore. i feel like they are a staple in our society now..even though it's not as much as it was in the past. i was a brownie when i was younger and i think that it's a 'rite of passage' for girls to sell them...
rossy rossy 8 years
I guess those varieties of cookies are for the U.S.? Because the only ones I've seen in my part of Canada - British Columbia are the 1st one's picture (chocolate-covered chocolate mint) & the vanilla creme/chocolate creme ones (both in the same box)... Although as a former Brownie myself I try to support them, I'm afraid that I can't do it because the quality has gone down as the prices have gone up. Of course, when it came to my niece I felt duty-bound to buy 2 boxes... She went from Brownie & a few months as a Girl Guide before becoming disillusioned with her troop & quitting (others soon followed)when they stopped the camping trips, volunteering & learning new skills to focus solely on selling cookies & other "marketing" ideas... Make money, make money! and nothing to really show for it; certainly wasn't for the girls who worked so hard with bottle drives & selling cookies. The 1 thing I can't stand are stale cookies - and that's AFTER taking the cellophane OFF the box! I've taken to making my own now - Almond cookies - YUM! I'm told they taste like shortbread. So, by accident, I make Sugar-Free Almond Shortbread Cookies. And the best part is I know exactly what goes in it too.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
omg this cannot happen!
nu4u nu4u 8 years
SaMOAS!!!! i just recently found Samoa ice cream for edy's but unfortunately its only limited edition, but nice coincidence that you guys are talking about them...YUMMMM!!!
Mariannie Mariannie 8 years
Oh geez...why oh why can't they sell those yummy Samoas at the grocery store? I've been asking that question forever. Does anyone have an answer? ... lol...seriously!
hibiscus96818 hibiscus96818 8 years
I guess I am going to have to stock up on Samoas this year. I love those cookies! I quit Girl Scouts when I was 11 because of the way people acted around cookie selling time. My last year in scouts, I was selling really well and my leader found out. She wanted her daughter to be the number one seller in our troop so she bought 100 boxes of cookies from her daughter to outsell me. I thought it was ridiculous so I delivered the cookies, turned in my stuff and never went back to scouts.
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
Well they could try selling them online too..?
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