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Goldbely Giveaway For Eat the Trend

Win $1,000 to Goldbely by Inventing the Next Big Food Trend!

POPSUGAR Food is looking for the next big food trend! We are giving away $1,000 to spend on for the viewer who can come up with the most awesome food trend idea out there. Even better, we'll create an episode of Eat the Trend around your idea!

For a chance to win the $1,000, all you have to do is this:

  1. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Food on YouTube.
  2. Leave a comment below letting us know your idea for the next big food trend!

We will be selecting the best idea and whipping up a recipe for Eat the Trend. Not only will you get an episode created just for you, but you'll have that $1,000 to spend at Goldbely, too!

Check out the official contest rules here.

Join The Conversation
minimeeh minimeeh 3 years

Canolli Churros

welby_studio welby_studio 3 years

Mini sweet potato cream cheese flans with brown sugar/butter pecan praline topping baked in their own little ramekins-call them nutty sweet cheese flans!

heatherpooh heatherpooh 3 years

Kimchi taco!

missinglynxx missinglynxx 3 years

macaron ice cream sandwiches

mary011853 mary011853 3 years

different type of veggies grilled with balsamic and flavor oil

kripley8809 kripley8809 3 years

Birthday cake jello shots

richtortora richtortora 3 years

Fruity filled buttery croissants.

MichelleMac MichelleMac 3 years

chicken springrolls

kripley8809 kripley8809 3 years

Deep fried sushi

richtortora richtortora 3 years

Crispy Filo Dough wrapped around Sweet Barbequed Pork.

MichelleMac MichelleMac 3 years

turkey sliders on whole grain buns with cauliflower processed french fries

Joe15552774 Joe15552774 3 years

subscribed as jen ger and next big trend is jalepeno icees

kripley8809 kripley8809 3 years

Deep fried birthday cake

richtortora richtortora 3 years

Traditional Italian fruity ricotta and wheat pie.

MichelleMac MichelleMac 3 years

cauliflower mash and wild boar

meredlp meredlp 3 years

Tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes.

richtortora richtortora 3 years

Fruit fritters with sweet fruit dipping sauce. The next big food trend!

MichelleMac MichelleMac 3 years

walnut crusted beef with scalloped potatoes and yams

MichelleMac MichelleMac 3 years

fried tilapia with a chocolate sauce and brussel sprouts

richtortora richtortora 3 years

Sweet filled Hush Puppies with sweet dipping sauce. The next bib food trend!

rpandiarajan rpandiarajan 3 years

Love to have mickey mouse pancake with more flavorful

getbackzack2 getbackzack2 3 years

The next trend will be Cuban-style Black Beans. Legumes are amazingly healthy for the human body and the Cuban-style is always vibrant and flavorful.

mary011853 mary011853 3 years

love this site and use It often

tweinberg tweinberg 3 years

I think the next food trend will be some sort of sweet pasta! (Tamar Swe YouTube)

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