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I have somewhat recently become totally lactose intolerant — as in, no butter, no cheese, no yogurt, and nothing dairy. I'm totally opposed to relying on drugs to allow me to eat something my body clearly doesn't want to digest, so I've been experimenting with vegan cooking. It's been great thus far, but as the holidays approach, I've realized that I can't eat most of what everyone else in my family can because it relies so heavily on butter, cheese, and cream for flavoring. I'm old enough to bring a dish to pass, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good vegan substitutes or recipes? I say good because I've tried some very bad vegan food substitutes, and don't want to venture down that road again. I've found a good vegan butter substitute in Earth Balance margarine, and I've heard you can use coconut milk for creams (but I haven't confirmed this). If you have a suggestion for a cookbook, even, I'm all ears. So ladies, any suggestions?

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