Rok Espresso Maker

Gwyneth insists this hand-cranked Rok espresso machine ($145) is "cool for a dude," but we have to admit: we want one for ourselves.

hand-cranked Rok espresso machine
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Rust Designs Birch Dinnerware

We can tell Gwyneth simply adores these birch china pieces ($55-$115) because of their "birch trees with initials 'carved in' and even full family trees." Can't afford the whole shebang? Pick up a birch mug set ($62).

Source: Goop
birch china pieces ($55-$115) because of their "birch trees with initials
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birch mug set
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Five Olive Oil

"Pretty much the best olive oil you'll ever taste, exquisitely presented," Gwyneth writes of Five Olive Oils ($45-$50). That's because they're produced by the cold-extraction method at low temperatures under very controlled conditions.

Five Olive Oils
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Rikke Hagen Cognac Glasses For Normann Copenhagen

Gwyneth called out these barware pieces, raving that she loves "a glass that rolls to let the Cognac breathe. Design follows function." Indeed, designer Rikke Hagen's Cognac tumblers ($50 for two) are both stylish and useful.

Source: Goop
Cognac tumblers
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Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Club

Consider this "artisan organic cheese club from the country's premier cheesemongers," Gwyneth suggests. We'd give the three-month subscription ($199) to our closest cheesemonger-wannabe friends.

three-month subscription
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Soft Cities Mapkins

Gwyneth loves that these custom map napkins ($79 for four) feature "up to three locations marked in your city," and we have to agree that the concept is crazy cool. Enter your location and personalized markers on the website, and Soft Cities will whip up a design custom-made for you (we like the Lemondrop style, pictured here).

custom map napkins
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