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I know it sounds totally cliched, but sometimes a chocolate bar can help make an unbearable day better — especially when you're PMSing. While chocolate has been proven to be good for you, a company in Canada is taking it to the next level. Jamieson Vitamins is introducing a new product called PMS Support. Each bar is "infused with natural botanicals" — such as willow bark, artichoke and chasteberry — that will help relive the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS. The bars which are snack size (think Halloween candy bars), have 70 calories each and are intended to be eaten three times a day for up to five days.

When tested on a dozen women, Penny Kendall-Reed, a naturopathic doctor and director of Toronto's Urban Wellness Clinic, discovered that the women were unanimous in their endorsements.

"It's nice for women to have an option to pills or capsules," said Kendall-Reed. "Most women we tested felt calmer within three to four hours and their pain and cramping dissipated within four days."

Right now the bars are only available in Canada (15 bars for C$19.99), but I'm really curious as to how they taste and hope that they make it across the border soon.


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