I haven't had an excuse to do a round of fun facts in a while, so you can imagine how excited I was when I realized that I could gather up a bunch of useless knowledge in relation to barbeque!!! So if you want to know what region of the United States is responsible for the majority of grilling and what's the most popular food to grill - and you know you do! -

  • In the US, North-Easterners are the biggest barbequers, followed by those who inhabit the North-Central, the South, and the West (I found this totally surprising as I thought Southerners and Westerners were the biggest grillers)
  • Hamburgers are the most popular food to grill at 87%, followed by steak 83%, chicken 78%, and hot dogs 76%.
  • The 4th of July is the largest barbeque holiday, followed by Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • American presidents have openly expressed their love for grilling by hosting barbeques dating all the way back to Thomas Jefferson.
  • The most commonly grilled side dish is corn, followed by other vegetables, and potatoes.
  • Hickory barbeque sauce is favored, then mesquite, honey, and tomato based.
  • In homemade barbeque sauces, garlic is almost always found in the recipe, as is brown sugar.
  • After aluminum foil, the preferred barbeque tools are long handed tongs, clean brushes, and spatulas.
  • To check the propane level of your barbeque's gas tank, weigh on your normal bathroom scale. An empty tank weighs between 17 and 19 pounds. The difference between that and what your tank weighs is how much gas you have left.
  • The origin of the word barbeque is debatable. Some believe it's from the Spanish word barbacoa which was a framework of green wood that held cooking food over hot coals. Others think the word is French because of the term they gave to the cooking technique of pirates who cooked meats from whiskers to tail or de barbe a queue.
  • Both Memphis and Kansas City claim that they are the barbeque capital of the United States.

Source: Thanks Rachelle!