On a recent trip to my favorite local farmers market, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, I bought way too many vegetables — including a few bunches of elegant French breakfast radishes from Petaluma-based Marin Roots Farm.

Although radishes are available in Northern California year-round, it's during Spring and Summer months when one can truly appreciate them for their crisp texture and spicy-juicy bite. These root vegetables are related to the turnip and horseradish families, and come in a myriad of varieties, from my dainty, fine-textured breakfast radishes, with their fuschia-hued base and white tips, to fiery red globes, trippy-looking watermelon radishes, and large, sweet daikons. Learn what I did with mine.

When selecting, be sure to buy radishes that are firm and blemish-free, with healthy-looking tops. Remove their leafy tops for another use, and store them separately in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic. They will keep like this for several days, although I used mine the same day, serving them as pinzimonio to go with Italian tonnato sauce. A few more ways to make the most of them:


What's your favorite radish variety? How do you prepare radishes?