Stout lovers get excited: for the first time since it began exporting to the US, Guinness is introducing a new stout beer to select markets.

On April 24, to celebrate its quarter-of-a-century draught legacy, Guinness is launching a limited-edition beer, 250th Anniversary Stout, which will be available in bars and stores in the US, Australia, and Singapore. The anniversary brew honors Arthur Guinness's signing of a 9,000-year lease in 1759 at St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, where the company's flagship brewery is located.

Less creamy than its original counterpart, the special-release brew will have a heavy malt flavor and more effervescence, along with a slightly higher alcohol content. Instead of nitrogen and carbon dioxide (used in original Guinness draught), the new stout will use carbonation, as well as two types of malt, and triple hops. The resulting beer is intended to have a more refreshing taste and a simpler pouring process.

Unlike Guinness's famous two-part pouring process (which involves filling the glass 75 percent of the way at an angle, letting the surge of foam settle, and then topping it off with the rest), the anniversary stout can be poured at once.

Since I love a bold, zippy beer, this stout sounds like something I can get behind — possibly even more so than traditional Guinness. When April 24 arrives, stock up while you can, since the commemorative brew is only slated to be around for six months. Do you have plans to seek out the special-release stout?