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Guy Fieri: Love Him or Leave Him?

It seems as if Guy Fieri is everywhere these days. Not only does he host three popular shows on the Food Network, but starting next month, Fieri is going on tour with a culinary demo that he describes as "food, rock n' roll, and everything they won't let me do on TV." There's talks of a reality show documenting the 21-city tour, and Fieri is also launching a line of kitchen knives — one of which is called The Dragon Dagger. While Fieri is certainly an overwhelming personality, when I met him, I was surprised at how nice and down-to-earth he seemed. How do you feel about him?

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brownsugamama brownsugamama 7 years
I do like the show triple D but sometimes he seems too much of a know it all when the people are trying to do there thing....and it drives me crazy when he says Money. I have made a few of his dishes and they were pretty good.
Dana18 Dana18 7 years
I love Guy I just saw Him at the NYC food and Wine festival and He was a blast! I will definitely see him again.
vinnie vinnie 7 years
I think he's obnoxious, but I haven't tried his food.
Smacks83 Smacks83 7 years
I love him. He isn't bland, and his food really tastes great!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
I cant stand him. He is the epitomy of the word "sell out". He touts the importance of going to mom and pop places, but shills for TGI Fridays? one of the worst tasting chains out there? His flip flops and bleached hair and sunglasses and sweat bands and whatever else is a persona that one cannot trust, its flashy paint on a car that isnt reliable.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I like him...he seems like a nice enough guy and that he was just lucky enough to be on "Next Food Network Star" and get famous. He seems pretty down-to-earth to me.
PinkUnicorn PinkUnicorn 7 years
He is not my favourite, and the way he insists on calling everything "money" pisses me off.
hbrown12 hbrown12 7 years
Before seeing his Chefography, I thought he was obnoxious and loud and slightly annoying. But after seeing how he grew as a chef and a person I've learning to love the frosted tipped Guy. Now is see him as a fun and adventurous cook.
techkim techkim 7 years
My son ( 7 yrs old) and I waited 2 hours to take a picture and have him sign his book. Right as we were next his manager type person says Oh you first girl friend's parents are here. And pretty much he put us on auto pilot. Didn't say hi to my son just signed, smiled for the picture and walked away. It really made me sad for my son.
loops85 loops85 7 years
I love him!! I love both of his shows and enjoy that he is a real guy who loves to cook.
doogirl doogirl 7 years
After watching his Chefography, I decided that he's a really decent human being, and that's what is important. His personality does get a little grating after a while, but when that happens, I turn him off!
AmberHoney AmberHoney 7 years
What's not to love?! He gives it straight up and most people can't stomach the truth. Plus he's a CA boy.
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 7 years
I don't like that he says he's Italian but he isn't. Fieri isn't even his last name. I'm half austrian and don't go around telling people I'm Austrian and putting on an accent when I say German words. But my son likes him and I think he's entertaining.
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
love him
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
I love him too. Which is funny because when I saw him on the show that he won, I hated him, and was not happy that he won the competition (I didn't watch the whole show either because I hated him so much lol). But I really like him now, so that was my own fault for making pre-judgements about someone I don't even know.
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 7 years
Love him! I love every recipe he makes. He has a big personality and I like that.
ncsuemme ncsuemme 7 years
While his personality in his shows is a little grating, I as well was surprised at how down to earth he was in Chefography.
cupcake123 cupcake123 7 years
I watched his "Chefography" not too long along and couldn't believe what a nice, normal guy he is. He has a real passion for food and loves people and that really came across.
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