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Link Time: From Guy Fieri Allegations to Ferran Adrià Quotes

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cgmickey80 cgmickey80 5 years
In your post you make the statement the the homosexual community is "oft times violent" but what violence are you referencing . It may be that because I am a lesbian I don't know of these acts of curtly that have taken place against the innocent heterosexual community. But what I have seen and heard about are the countless violent acts against homosexual, acts that have no justification other then fear. In fact it seems to me that it isn't a humans sexual orientation that is really the big problem with this world, its just about how we treat each other. No, clearly the issue with homosexuality has nothing to do with "god" and what he says is right and wrong. The issue is simple , I am a human being and as such deserve , no demand that I be given the right to live a good life. I am not asking you or other simple minded people to give me a moral stamp of approval for my life, just let me live mine because this has nothing to do with you and your life.
skbn113 skbn113 5 years
This is ridiculous. It is so obvious~~ therefore, why don't people see past the fraud, the irony and the hatred and get to the real issue?! THIS IS HATRED, TOO, FOLKS. For the angry, oft times violent homosexual community to want to "muzzle" all opposition doesn't bode well for them. We, as a society, have switched it up: the sinner is now glorified (because God "made them this way"?) and those who stick to God's Word are vilified and attempts are made to shut them up. Listen~~ deal gently and unpretentiously with people's BEHAVIOR. We are all God's creations ....but we are not all God's "children". His Word makes that plain. So what is the difference between the two groups? Do as the simple, young woman did herself~ Mary (the biblical version; not the Catholic version) gives the best advice for every millenium: "Do whatever He (Jesus) tells you to do." For the homosexual, Jesus would say, "Go. And sin no more." Same as for heterosexual sin where He said just that to the woman caught in adultery. "Whatever HE says...." Best regards.
SBubba SBubba 5 years
I can see why a fat "straight" man with garish clothes, earrings, and bleached blond hair, bracelets and pinky rings would be uncomfortable around gay men. Could it be that most gay men are more masculine? Get over yourself Gay...I mean, Guy. I bet Anne Burrell could kick his tubby phobic arse.
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