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Hanging With Hung

Last Friday afternoon at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, I had the chance to hang out with Top Chef Season 3 winner Hung Huynh. As part of his prize, Hung was invited to appear at the Classic Cook-Off on Sunday. In between attending seminars and sipping wine, Hung and I met up outside the grand-tasting tent.

An approachable, friendly guy, Hung isn't afraid to say hello to fans or cook dinner for 150 people. Although he was sometimes portrayed as a villain on TC, in real life, Hung is just an ordinary guy who cooks really well. To learn more about Hung,


Currently Hung is working at Solo, a kosher Mediterranean restaurant, in Manhattan. He plans to remain executive chef until the end of Summer and hopes to open his own restaurant soon. He's yet to use his TC prize trip to Paris and prefers the kitchen to the tasting tent.
In his entourage: Kenny his best pal/sous chef from Las Vegas and Marcel his buddy and TC season 2 contestant.

On alcohol: Hung doesn't like to drink. Although he enjoys partying, he dislikes alcohol, especially red wine, because it gives him a headache and a red face.

Who he knows: Through his TC experience, he's gotten to know plenty of the food industry's biggest stars including Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, and Daniel Boulud.

What he wants to do: A fierce competitor, Hung plans on entering himself in the prestigious food industry equivalent of the Olympics, the Bocuse d'Or.

Why he thinks he can win: Many of his aforementioned acquaintances are on the culinary advisory board. The board members have a say in who is selected to compete.

After hanging with Hung, I conclude that he's not the bad guy Bravo portrayed him to be, but rather a bit of a diva. I can't blame him, he is after all, a Top Chef!

Join The Conversation
TiKiBoo TiKiBoo 9 years
i loved Hung on Top Chef 3 :)
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
too bad his first name isn't richard...
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 9 years
the words diva and dude should just never go togther... am I the only one immature enough to giggle inwardly everytime I hear his last name?
SugarFreak SugarFreak 9 years
Love Hung and his ego!
tepiza tepiza 9 years
I love Hung! I read that he donated a lot of the money he won on Top Chef to schools in Vietnam.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I adore Hung, and i say ditto on the hating Wine!!
MindayH MindayH 9 years
After his "smurf" creation - I kind of thought Hung was hilarious. Good for him
SugarFreak SugarFreak 9 years
no kidding
WineUnleashed WineUnleashed 9 years
I guess a certain amount of ego comes with the territory.
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