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Hanging With One of LA's Hottest Nightclub Owners

Hanging With One of LA's Hottest Nightclub Owners

Les Deux is undeniably one of Los Angeles' most trendy bars. Paris and Nicky Hilton have a private table, and so does Jamie Foxx. The Hills girls kick up their heels on the dance floor and everyone from TV Guide to Tom Hanks has hosted parties inside the famed house's walls.

While in LA for the Sugar Party, I had the chance to slide behind the velvet ropes, check out the party scene — more on that later! — and chat with one of the owners, Sylvain Bitton. To see what Sylvain had to say about his party lifestyle as a nightclub owner,

Devilishly good looking and impeccably dressed, Sylvain is a member of the Dolce Group, part owner of Les Deux, and host to some of Hollywood's hottest. He spends most of his time at Les Deux, arriving as early as 10 a.m. and staying until the place closes. Although he caters to the stars, Sylvain is a friendly, normal, down to earth guy, who just happens to have three motorcycles and a house in the Hollywood Hills. Here is what he had to say:

PartySugar: What's it like being a host to LA's rich and famous?
Sylvain Bitton:
It's fun. We are a very rare situation. Trendy nightclubs come and go, but we're just as popular now as when we first opened. We offer something incomparable. Les Deux isn't really a place for hard partying and dancing. It's more of a social nightclub. We offer the whole experience. It's a place where normal people feel like celebrities and celebrities feel like normal people. After all, you have to remember, they [the celebrities] need me as much as I need them.

PS: What trends are emerging in the party/nightclub scene?
Immaculate service and attention to the smallest details in the world. The smell of a place matters. I have a guy whose job it is to spray this place with Febreeze. I think smaller restaurants and smaller boutique clubs that take their guests on a journey are on the rise.
PS: What's the biggest disaster that has ever happened at one of your parties?
Not enough room. Sometimes we get a couple celebrities here at once and it's hard to accommodate them all. Just last night Rihanna was here. Journey was here.

PS: What do you like most about owning a place like Les Deux?
The control of making my ideas and visions happen and it being a success. All the people who come inside of Les Deux, I decide the fate of their night. This is a beautiful club, which deserves to be filled with beautiful people.

PS: What's your advice to the everyday hostess?
Know what you want and be strict to get it. Have something no one else is going to offer. That's how your parties will be remembered.

PS: A successful party is...
When time never matters. I know it's already been said, but when you dance like no one is watching. When you don't care who's next to you because you are having so much fun then everything about what the club has to offer will forever be a memory.

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