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Happy Birthday YumSugar!

Today March 12, is YumSugar's birthday, so I want to ask everyone to wish her a warm, welcoming, wonderful Happy Birthday! On today's date 113 years ago, a certain Mr. Joseph A. Biedenham bottled the first bottle ever of Coca-Cola Classic. Although Coke had been created eight years before in 1886, it was originally only served as a fountain drink. However the drink was so popular at Biedenham's Candy Store in Vicksburg Missippi that he decided to bottle it and offer the bottles for sale to his clientele. The rest of course is Coca-Cola history. Yum's not the only one with a birthday today, the Girl Scouts were founded on today's date in 1912. So go out and get some Girl Scout cookies, they're in season now!


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