Recently I've been drinking a lot of Rosé. It's the perfect pour for when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. My favorite bottle comes from a Southern Australia vineyard called Anglove. Their Nine Vines Rosé is 70 percent Grenache and 30 percent Shiraz. It has a deep pink hue and somewhat musty clarity. The aroma is fruity and faintly floral. Hints of raspberry and cherry mingle with the spicy flavor of classic Australian Shiraz.

After the first sip, I realized this Rosé is addictive and delightfully easy to drink. Crisp, refreshing, and full-bodied, it's hard to believe a bottle retails for just $12. I enjoyed Nine Vines with a manchego pizza, but it would pair nicely with grilled fish, roasted poultry, or a hearty salad.

Do you sip Rosé? What's your current fav?