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Happy Hour: Bonny Doon Dessert Wines

A few years ago the boy and I ended up in Sweden for a long weekend (I know, ended up seems like a weird choice of words, but honestly, we looked at air fares and just sort of ended up there). Our adventure took us through many taste sensations (including a lot of salmon and fish) and along the way we ended up at a trendy restaurant (sorry I've since forgotten the name, but do know its logo was the letter F in a circle) where we had a great meal and decided that it would be nicely finished off with a glass of dessert wine.

Well, the wine menu arrived and much to our surprise, the dessert wine was a wine from Bonny Doon Vineyard! At the time the boy was living in Santa Cruz, CA and the Bonny Doon Vineyard was about 30 minutes from his house. We were surprised by how small the world felt at that moment, but not surprised by their choice. Bonny Doon makes a really nice Muscat that contains the usual cinnamon and jasmine aromas with hints of orange blossom and lemon. I also think I can taste a bit of Asian pear. The wine itself is overly sweet, and you really don't want to drink that much, but it's delicious, and makes a really nice after dinner treat.

For a funnier treat, try their cheeky-named Bouteille Call. It's a naughty little beverage with blackberry and raspberry flavors. It's best for dessert, and I personally love to give it as a housewarming gift - the cute label and name definitely spark a discussion.

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doonorama doonorama 8 years
Yes that restaurant is fab. If you're in Santa Cruz the area, definitely drop by the new Bonny Doon tasting room, its extraordinary. There's a cafe there too.
lacoquine lacoquine 10 years
Bouteille Call is FABULOUS! It goes very well with chocolate or other rich desserts and it's quite strong. If you're ever in Santa Cruz, they serve it at a downtown restauraunt called Chocolate... you can guess what their specialty is! mmm... deliciousness overload...
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
mmmmmmm I love icewine...Inniskillin (sp?) from Canada is brilliant!
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Their ice wine Vin de Glacier is amazing!!!!!
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