The other day a lively lady named Anita visited me and she was bearing gifts: three bottles of Bubbly! No, that capitalized B is not a typo, she didn't bring me Champagne she brought me a new brand of sparkling wine called Bubbly that comes all the way from Slovenia. It's Slovenia's (say it out loud it's totally funtastic) premiere, estate grown, hand bottled sparkling wine. Bubbly comes in three chic varietals: Bubbly Bliss is made with Chardonnay grapes, the pink Bubbly Lovely is made with Pinot Noir grapes, and Bubbly Luck is made mostly with Welschriezling grapes. Bubbly has subtle fruit notes such as citrus, apple, and berries with an unusual and unique structure. It doesn't taste like champagne its much lighter and smoother. Anita not only gave me a bottle of each to sample she also gave me a few recipes to share with you ladies, so

Bubbly Cocktail Recipes
From Anita Brey

Blissfully Bubbly Cosmo

Chilled Bubbly Bliss
Splash of Cranberry Juice
Shot of Cointreau or Grand Marnier
Twist of fresh lime
Dash of sugar

  1. Mix juice, Cointreau or Grand Marnier, sugar and lime together.
  2. Pour into champagne flute, top off glass with Bubbly.

The Lucky Pom-Pom

1 part Pomegranate juice
3 parts Bubbly Luck
Dash of Campari
Pomegranate seeds, for garnish

Mix liquids and pour into flute or martini glasses, top with pomegranate seeds.

Brave Velvety Bliss

This drink is traditionally called The Black Velvet. It is nearly 150 years old. It was invented at the Brook's Club, London in 1861. Only for the brave!

Half glass of stout beer
Chilled Bubbly Bliss

Tilt the glass and slowly pour in chilled Bubbly Bliss.