Yesterday we took a lunch excursion to the nearby fancy pants food court. Since I was already paying too much for a tuna sandwich, I figured why not throw in a fancy drink too? I was originally going to grab some fancy bubble-water, but saw these sodas on display and was captivated by them instead. All four flavors, Kumquat, Lemongrass, Lavender and Rhubarb, glistened in their display case, each demanding my attention. It was a tough choice, but eventually I settled on Lemongrass.

When I took it back to the office and cracked open the bottle, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to taste sweet ( kind of like Sprite), but the drink was deliciously light and delicate. The lemongrass flavor was potent enough to taste, but definitely not overpowering. I would definitely recommend picking this up; I personally can't wait to try the Kumquat flavor next. And, I should probably also add that it only contained 50 calories (Coke has 140).

Based out of Seattle, DRY Soda claims to "offer the first culinary soda, a line of all-natural, lightly sweet beverages designed for those wanting a sophisticated non-alcoholic option" (see what did I tell you guys? Soda for adults is a big food trend). You can purchase 12-packs of DRY Soda for $25.00.