At a recent wine tasting, YumSugar and I were attracted to one bottle in particular: Y3 Chardonnay. We loved the sleek and chic appearance. The wine with its crisp, clean, freshly acidic taste and bright, rich aromas made it highly drinkable and totally food-friendly. The winery is owned and run by Kimberly Jackson and it's an exclusive wine seen on many episodes of HBO's Entourage. When Vinnie, E, & Co. are sipping Char while out at one of LA's hottest eateries, it's most likely they are sipping a bottle from the Jax Y3 label. At only $18.00 a bottle this is an affordable must drink-get a bottle today to enjoy while you watch. Just in time for the season premiere of the 4th season of Entourage this Sunday, we got an exclusive interview with Kimberly!
To take a look at what Kimberly has to say about her wine and the cast of Entourage,

PartySugar/YumSugar: What was it like on the set of Entourage?
Kimberly Jackson: Frankly the set of Entourage was completely a surprise! In other words, I had great luck the day I found myself on the set of Entourage. It happened one year ago, when I was selling my wines to high profile restaurants in Los Angeles. I had an appointment with the sommelier of Dakota Restaurant at the Roosevelt Hotel (a traditional Hollywood celebrity scene) in the mid afternoon. When I arrived at the hotel, the restaurant was blocked off with a sign that indicated a private party was taking place. Undeterred by opportunity to show my wine, I entered the restaurant and found myself front and center on the set. I literally walked onto a scene with the entire cast, dozens of gorgeous extras and dual cameras.

Because the production filled the entire restaurant, I set up my wines next to the set in preparation for the tasting. While waiting, the director kept looking over at me and my wines and I saw him chatting and looking towards my direction several times Shortly thereafter, I find the producer halting the scene and yelling across the room at me to join the next episode and to put those wine labels front and center in the scene as well. Ever since that day, the product placement team has put our wines on the show at least 8 times over the past 2 seasons. Even more exciting is that I have become friends with Adrian Grenier, the director, Gary Goldman, and the product placement team. Trent and I have visited the set and are going back on July 3rd. We are also having some of the crew up to our winery this fall. Of course, we would be thrilled if they film at our vineyards.

P/YSugar: Who’s your favorite Entourage character and which cast member did you like in real life?
KJ: My favorite character on Entourage is Ari Gold. He plays every scene brilliantly and his attitude is just priceless. Not to mention the fact that our wines are displayed in every scene in which he is involved.

However my favorite cast member is Adrian. Adrian and I have become friends. He stocked his new wine cellar in Brooklyn with our wines, and he invited me to come to his biography premiere Shot in the Dark in New York. What I love most about Adrian is that he really tries to stay away from stardom. He wants to hang with real people outside of his industry. He is also very approachable. My mom and I called him last week after watching “shot in the dark” and like always he picked up his phone immediately and talked to us extensively about his experience filming that show. How many stars would do that the night after their premiere?

P/YSugar: What has the Entourage exposure done for your winery?
KJ: Certainly, our business is off the hook nationally. But what is truly exciting is that the placement on the audience of Entourage could not be more perfectly matched. Entourage capitalizes on “edgy, high quality, cult brands that are not easy to come by.” They are like Sex and the City for the male set. Our wines are foremost about quality and to be a premium brand. Beyond making small lot wines that the entire family must stamp with approval, we are focused on a more modern, forward thinking approach. We did not want to be an arrogant, intimidating, stuffy brand that our generation could not relate to. The audience that appreciates Entourage is precisely our demographic!

How fabulous is her story?? Wouldn't it be amazing to have the wines you produce featured on a show like Entourage?? For the rest of Kimberly's exciting interview, check back on Sunday before you watch Entourage!

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