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Happy Hour With Entourage, Part 2

On Friday I introduced you to Kimberly Jackson of Jax Vineyards. YumSugar and I met her at a recent wine tasting, where we were attracted to one bottle in particular: Y3 Chardonnay. We loved the sleek and chic appearance. The wine with its crisp, clean, freshly acidic taste and bright, rich aromas made it highly drinkable and totally food-friendly. The winery is owned and run by Kimberly and it's an exclusive wine seen on many episodes of HBO's Entourage. When Vinnie, E, & Co. are sipping Char while out at one of LA's hottest eateries, it's most likely they are sipping a bottle from the Jax Y3 label. At only $18.00 a bottle this is an affordable must drink-get a bottle today to enjoy while you watch the season premiere tonight! We spoke with Kimberly about how she stumbled upon the Entourage set and what pairs well with her Chardonnay.
To take a look at what she has to say about her wine,

P/YSugar: Can you describe the Y3 Chardonnay to readers who haven’t tried it?
KJ: We wanted to create a Chardonnay that would not be overly oaked or overly creamy which is quite common among Napa Valley Chardonnays especially in the low to moderate prices points. Our goal was to create a chardonnay that offered a bright acidity and crispness to it. This ultimately allows the specific fruits ie. green apple, white peach, and a touch of brown sugar to shine through. Often oaky, creamy Chardonnay styles mask the actual fruit in the wine. Additionally a more acidic and brighter wine will not overpower food therefore resulting in a great food pairing wine. To enhance the vibrance and crispness of this Chardonnay, our winemaker, Rob Hunter used light oak barrels and no malolactic fermentation in his winemaking processes.

P/YSugar: What would you pair the Y3 Chardonnay with?
KJ: The Chardonnay pairs well with just about any cheese, fish dishes, and chicken dishes. It would also pair with a lean meat. Ultimately, the acidity can cut through the cream based cheeses and accompany light to moderately heavy dishes without overpowering them. Our Chardonnay is very unique in that it caters to the Chardonnay drinkers who like texture and layers that a Chardonnay offers but the Sauvignon Blanc drinkers enjoy its crispness and acidity.

P/YSugar: How did Y3 come about?
KJ: Our family’s involvement in our winery originally started when my dad purchased a beautiful 38-year old Calistoga vineyard in 1996. Realizing that our dad made an excellent vineyard choice, my brother Trent attempted to produce his own wine by hand picking a second harvest from our Calistoga vineyard. The homemade 1995 vintage created in his San Francisco garage ultimately turned out to be Calistoga vinegar. Undaunted, our family got inspired by Trent’s efforts so we hired a winemaker to produce our first official vintage of Jax Cabernet Sauvignon in 1996.

As our estate Cabernet Sauvignon (Jax) continued to gain momentum, we decided to start additional varietals including our Y3 Chardonnay, Y3 Syrah, and Y3 Sauvignon Blanc. The Y3 name (which is a Jax brand) was inspired by our grandparents who had a cattle ranch where Y3 was a cattle branding symbol. We celebrate three generations of land-tilling entrepreneurs with the Y3 label. This label is for our wines that are sourced from vineyards other than our own. The Jax Cabernet Sauvignon comes solely from our own vineyard.

P/YSugar: Do you use screw tops?
KJ: No. Although screw tops are cost effective, easier to open, and the trend in bottle packaging, we like the traditional ritual of opening the wine. As a high quality winery, we prefer the image of a traditional cork. Also, corks outperform screw caps after three years so we prefer not to risk the accelerated air transmission (resulting in oxidation) that occurs after approximately three years in the screw top.

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