When PartySugar told me that today was National Garlic Day, I immediately set out to find us a cocktail that uses garlic as an ingredient. And yes, yes, I know it sounds horrible, but done well I bet it would be good - think of a Bloody Mary, that sounds horrible on paper too...

At any rate, I was thwarted - turns out it may be a disgusting idea after all - and could not find any cocktail recipes featuring garlic. I did, however, find a recipe called Funky Garlic that actually sounds sort of refreshing (if not also somewhat terrible). It's a mixture of wine and soda, and it sounds dirty, yet light and bubbly. To check out the recipe (oh and if you know of any drinks that feature garlic, let us know),

Funky Garlic
From Drink Swap

4 oz Sprite
4 oz Coca-Cola
4 oz White Wine

Chill all ingredients prior to serving. Pour into a highball glass, and stir well.