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Happy Hour: Lindemans Lambic

I love Lambics, do you?
What, you've never heard of a Lambic?! Okay, well let me give you some background. Lambics are technically Belgian wheat beers, that are spontaneously fermented (meaning there's no added yeast). They're strong in acid and tend to be a bit sour. Once the fermentation happens, whole fruits are added (my personal favorite is black currant, although raspberry is pretty good too), this brings up the carbonization factor and the flavor.

I'm not totally sure how I got introduced to Lambics, but I've been drinking them for years now. I definitely have a thing for the fruit flavors (it's like soda!) and the best part is that there's practically no noticeable alcoholic taste at all. Even though it's a beer, you feel as though you're drinking a wine. A carbonated, slightly thick champagne-y wine.

If you can, definitely pick yourself up a bottle of Lindemans Lambic ($4.99 at BevMo!), they may be too sweet for some, but perfectly tasty for most, and always, always delicious. Many well stocked pubs and bars tend to carry it on tap too. Definitely look for black currant (cassis), peach (pêche) or raspberry (framboise). The apple (pomme) is too murky and the cherry (kriek) tastes like cough syrup.

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Food Food 10 years
Giggle you're absolutely right,the cork popping does make it feel festive. The cherry is too sweet for me, and you MUST hunt down the Black Currant flavor. It's absolutely delicious.
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
I love Belgian Lambics! I've tried a few--Peach, Framboise, Cherry. (Cherry's my fave.) They're so refreshing, and it feels festive to pop beer open like champagne. Yum!
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
yes I have heard of it.
maddiemay maddiemay 10 years
I am so excited you brought these to others' attention.. I have been OBSESSED- so yummy! My mom actually introduced me to over the Holidays and I have kept my place stocked and introduced to many of my girlfriends. I totally agree with you about the Apple. I think the Peach and Raspberry are the best! My Boyfriend enjoys the Peach as not so fruity!
kimretta kimretta 10 years
mmmm, this is the first beer I ever liked -- specifically the raspberry one. I actually love the apple, though.
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