Yesterday afternoon I was fortunate enough to have a lovely leisurely lunch with the always effervescent YumSugar and equally intriguing geeksugar. After we were seated at a sophisticated round table our waitress, Diane, rolled out a champagne cart. Now if you've never had a champagne tray rolled to your table here is how it feels: lusciously luxurious. I mean I wasn't even thinking about ordering champagne, but the moment I saw the bottles on ice I knew it was exactly what I needed and wanted. I listened intently as Diane described the first bottle and then the second. I was instantly mesmerized by the sound of the second bottle's name, Blanc de Blancs and knew I had to have it. The white sparkling wine made with all white grapes conjured up a pristine image of myself in an alternate universe sitting at an incredibly chic Parisian bistro while wearing a wildly stylish Chanel suit, with a gorgeous young French vintner kissing my neck, and what's that in my hands? A long skinny glass of Pierre Peters, Cuvee de Reserve Blanc de Blancs. I was ripped from my daydream when I realized Diane was staring at me, waiting for an answer: I'll have the Blanc de Blancs please. I may not have Paris, a Chanel suit, or a handsome Frenchman, but I can have the champagne. The bubbly has the softest nude color and was crisp, light, floral and dry. A very elegant non-vintage blend, this champagne slid down my throat like liquid diamonds and was almost too sexy for its flute. It's definitely perfect for your romantic Valentine's Dinner date for two. To find a bottle of the bubbly near you, do a local wine search.