I was out looking for a champagne for New Year's Eve when I came across these two little bottles of Pommery Pop champagne. The bright blue and pink quarter-sized bottles caught my attention from the other side of the room. One glance at the bold P-O-P lettering and colorful bottles and I was sold. I didn't even bother to read the description or rating; I just grabbed one of each and proceeded to the counter. Yes, I am a complete sucker for packaging, but the fact that it was called Pop and I happen to work at the home of PopSugar sort of closed the deal.

The blue is a standard dry champagne, with a nice fruit flavor. It's a tiny bit sweeter than your average dry champagne but is wonderfully smooth. The pink is a sparkling rosé that has a fresh, bright taste. The blend of different Chardonnays and Pinot wines, along with a dash of red wine, gives it a pale pink color and slight red currant flavor. Neither of them are run-out-and-purchase-immediately sort of champagnes, but they are quite tasty and not just a product of marketing. They're really fun, wonderfully transportable, and will bring a little pop to your next party. Oh and did I mention that you could theoretically drink it out of a straw?!

You can find both versions of Pop in individual bottles ($11.99) or you can buy them in packs of four ($39.99).